ABHORRENCE (Bra): “Evoking the Abomination” Cd 2000 Listenable/Evil Vengeance


The last GREAT album with the capital A which I have heard is undoubtedly ABHORRENCE’s. Really, really frightening, this band sounds like KRISIUN would have sounded, with the uncontrolled savagery they mastered in “Black Force Domain”. I guess that KRISIUN is the closest thing I can cite to let you have a glimpse of what this album is about, the already 10 over 10 demo was something that drained all my blood at the first listen. Having never heard of the band before, I put it on without any warm up gimmicks and I almost drupped my jaw on the floow. But this time it has been different, now ABHORRENCE have the big sound, the amazing Petagno cover all in shades of reds and orange, and the wicked genius of mr Gene Palubicki (ex-ANGELCORPSE…’nuff said) behind the curtains, I mean, this album is the purest Death Metal thing I have heard since ANGELCORPSE/KRISIUN, its cuts your breath in shards of steel. Great, old school artowork and package…and the music…oh damn my soul… the music. Impossible drum beating, solos that could have been Azathoth high on adrenaline and at twice the speed, guttural, powerful vocals which are not just low, but full of hate like a bestial, savage version of old DEICIDE (Legion era), ABHORRENCE crush even REBAELLIUN in speed and power, man, the Brazilian Death Metal legions are THE present of Death Metal, period. Now let’s just wait for OPHIOLATRY and ANCESTRAL MALEDICTION (and MENTAL HORROR of course plus many others).

Vote: 8.8

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