ACERBUS (USA/Tx): “Emanating Darkness” Cdr 2000 s/p [demo]


Fundamentally a good, energic, Brutal Death Metal band, with grunting, powerful vocals, and an impressive bass/drum department. The rhytmic section indeed knows to blast fast, sometimes in the vein of DEVOURMENT/CRYPTOPSY but with some unexpected variations into mid tempo/technical shit, on this ENTORTUREMENT come to mind but even more fusion/jazzy. Musical proficiency into this shit is undeniable and gets immediately to the brain, despite all these evolutions the sound is definitely and enjoyably raw: the drum blasts, while sometimes almost a machine gun, maintain a genuine, almost rehearsal sound, the vocals split up in shrieking/barfing, all following an entirely not straight direction. Again, I think the first DEVOURMENT demo could help identifying the sound, thoroughly and genuinely American and schizoid while not too much to become like bad ATHEIST/latest PESTILENCE defecation. I think the Canadian GARBAGE kind of sickness can’t be omitted to mention as well as well as EUPHORIC EVISCERATION ferocity for the vocals. It’s not the best way to describe a band to continously compare them to others as ACERBUS is particularily weird and has a particular, twisted class. Brutal as fuck yet with uncountable variations. The CDR is only a quarter of an hour long but packs lots of changes and technical rage. Pity for the running time, I await fervidly a follow up.

Vote: 7.8

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