AETERNUS (Nor): “Shadows of Old” CD 1999 Hammerheart


Well yeah, certainly an excellent blend of Black and Death metal. Though far from the perfect crude concoction of BELPHEGOR, AETERNUS is more of a fast,

original and fierce Death Metal band with the right amount of Black Metal creepiness into it to create a malignant feeling over a strong backbone which can

be traced even (though sadly not for the entire light of the disc) to CENTURIAN or BEHEMOTH and other Death Metal discharges. It’s a real pity after the

first pounding minutes the disc falls more and more into a stronger and stronger Black Metal (old Norwegian Black Metal a la early IMMORTAL) mood

crisscrossed here and there by ballads and stuff. recurrently however the band springs out of its slumber and gets back into attack. I am not exactly sure if

I like the overlll effect but this is a band which as a good spin generally talking. I should get a few more listens maybe. Production is (too much) clean

and accurate which somewhat spoils some of the filth which would have added lot of attractiveness to the album but well. So what.

Vote: 7

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