AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED (USA/Va): “The Poacher Diaries” split Cd with CONVERGE 1999 Relapse


This is really an amazing work of hyprblasting grindcore with more or less thrash metal riffs gone 10000Mph, I very very rarely happen to appreciate a band like this as much as I do with AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED: I haven’t heard the previous CD, but this is stuff that kills. The songs are one minute, one minute and half in length but contain it all, they’re independent city states of blasting grind and guess what, the drum machine not only does work perfectly, but it’s probably the best thing of the whole tracks. The guitar blaze followed by acute, shrieking vocals and then the drum machine enters, like a machine gun firing in the speakers, it’s really absolutely great stuff, absolutely in my favourite grind core bands active of today. What is even more curious, the untypical guitarwork (again absolutely more “metal” than “core”) combined with these absurdly fast electronic drumbeats makes this band definitely unique in its genre. beware here talking is a big detractor of the neo core approach of the new Relapse, but this band made my mind change even. The vocals are good, powerful, the lyrics excellent and oh well, the artwork memorable, the booklet folds in a 12 parts poster, you gotta see this.

Vote: 7.9

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