AL SIRAT (Pol): “Signa Tempori” CD Metal Storm


Immature and boring, that’s how I would describe AL SIRAT’s music. Effectively not immature by a technical perspective, but immature in their approach to a

music like Death Metal. The feeling I got while listening this CD is to have heard the arrangements a thousand times when I was in school. They sound like a

mid to high technical thrash metal band with some pretences at the Death Metal world when it comes to vocals, which are irrevocably paired by some late

METALLICA laments. Skilful maybe, but the music decomposes easily lacking of the glue of a real identity. The music falls apart under your ears, leaving you

with the impression to be listening to some easily forgettable radio music. Could really be some proficient adolescents at their first approach to heavy

music. All in all I don’t even see an immediate chance of getting better as they really are nothing more than smoke.

Vote: 5

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