ALEA JACTA (Ita): “Spirits in Oblivion” tape 1999 s/p [demo]


Weird this band hasn’t been signed so far, I thought Italy is bursting of labels ready to welcome such horribly gay bands like this one. No, really, I am confused, I am amidst loathing and sadness while listening to this ?can’t even rate as shit, really that’s something nobody with a fair decency should listen to. If ever bands were to race for the worst pop band in the planet this band would be a billboard fixed member. And what’s worst, this is pretentious too, with a repulsive array of wannabe melodic and technical solos?and the lyrics?that’s a mesh of stupidity and cheapness. No human with a fair amount of decency should play like this. This band not just sucks, it repulses me.

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