ANDROPHAGOUS (Ger): “Blood Soaked Freaks” Cd 1999 Goulash


This CD is unofficially a self-release, as Goulash records has
the same address as the band I suppose it’s Tim the drummer who
keeps the duties, a label which should also release stuff by the
is a rotting, dirty Gore/Death Metal band, with short, 1 minute
in average, songs. The vocals are shifted somewhat to add a nauseating
gore/grind body, although while the riffs are simple and the drumming
ok (though not lighning fast), the band is substantially death
metal, and I have to be honest, of no finest quality. The riffs
are a bit repetitive and banal, while thanksfully not overcharged
with stop and goes which are so popular in Italy, it doesn’t really
convince me overly. Even giving the disc a second spin, my impression
has’t changed, that of some anonymity even if there are interesting
parts here and there. If you happen on this disc at a reasonable
price, get it, otherwise you can live without.

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