ANTESTOR (Nor): “The Return of the Black Death” Cd 1998 Cacophonous


Is Cacophonous a bit obsessed by this kind of bands or it’s my impression? ANTESTOR could be described as (yawn) symphonic Black Metal with long, weeping

ballads of tragedy and coldness. But that would be a brochure to sell this CD which is in all honesty neither mature nor complete. They could have studied

the whole affair for some more time and accomplished something more than a carbon copy of so many bands, funnily most of them under this same label. There’s

a vaguely half Victorian/half Scandinavian black feel in the music, although so repetitive and long to create depression not by ability but by nerve crisis.

For the rest, see review of ANCIENT CEREMONY, above, ignoring the comments about the female vocals which luckily are absent here.

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