ARKHON INFAUSTUS (Fra): “Dead Cunt Maniac” 7″ 2000 Spikekult


Hell. Actually there are very few persons that stand out the stereotype of the crusty grinder, the black evil metal antichrist or the Death Metal conqueror. Actually I do not have preferences of sort. Music is either good or bad, and ARKHON INFAUSTUS hit my G spot with a fucking fist. This is the martial damned blasphemous rapture I seek in Black metal and so few can offer. Covered with studs from head to toes, singing with clenched theet and spitting blood and hate towards Christianity, this fucking band sometimes reinforces its Black Metal ferocity with deep tuned backing vocals in a really effective way. The guitar riffs are the RIGHT ones for this genre. Black Metal Armageddon for warriors of Hate. Gut Christ the cunt on his cross. Six Six Six AH!! With ANTAEUS the best Black Metal band I have heard in years. And both from France. Sigh.

Vote: 8.8

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