ASSOCIATION AREA (Can): “Stop Motion Hasbeen” MCd 1998 s/p


Damn. I think it’s easier to review MORTICIAN than a band like
this. From the very package and artwork, the band’s something
absolutely unusual, makes me feel like when I browse through used
records in stores and I end up in the experimental/noise/prog
sector. Makes me feel so fucking ignorant so you’ve been warned,
I am not the best person to describe this music, but I think I’ll
give it a try. The cover is some sort of brown carboard which
folds out in a lyricsheet… lyrics are either so full of those
American sayings that I am not able to get any meaning, or my
poor English completely casts me off of the play, I dunno, I can
say it’s the sort of brainy stuff you read in bands such BOTCH,
ICEBURN or LIVEFLIESONFLESH, I tried a bit but gave up immediately.
Take it the way you want, I feel more comfortable with more clear
cut stuff, yet this Cd makes my head spin trippy, like the last
two NUCLEAR DEATHs, sometimes it’s almost jazzy with clear cut
drum and bass, slow paced and crystalline, sometimes the vocals
get shrilling high, sometimes sounds like harmonized with a radio
noise effect , sometimes it gets the paranoid grunge feel of SLEEP…
dunno, if we had to rate the sheer braintwisting folly of ASSOCIATION
AREA, I don’t think MR. BUNGLE would fall far off, anyway, just
like the few bands which play this way, a matter of identification
is difficult and it’s their stronger weapon in the market of carbon
copied bands… they want to play it weird, and like to let the
listener try to identify it… is there something more frightening
that that you can’t catallog and understand? Whatever, I feel
unstelled and a bit anxious when listening to this stuff.

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