ATROPOS (Ita): “Alpha Omega” tape 1997 Tetanus


It would be easy for me to hate this demo, to crush it with some caustic humour. But Borys is not the kind of person you can erase with some short sentences, he deserves an intelligent, deeply felt review, and so I’ll try describe what I feel listening to ATROPOS. First, you old crusty bastard, you probably didn’t know I have a weak spot for flutes. I mean the medieval sound of flutes always got me in, and well, you took me off guard with this demo. As said before, it would be easy to erase it just becouse I write for a gore/death fanzine. But I won’t. I won’t becouse I surprisingly like this stuff. It happens not more than once, twice in a year that I actually like this kind of “soft” music (but as you stated, to define “extreme” is not always an easy task, and I do like exrtreme music…eh), but again I, indeed like this trippy dark wave/gloomy medieval stuff. The DorŠ artwork, the dark grey shades of psychedelic, neoclassical soundscapes, the deep, sad but martial vocals, and all the sorts of trippy schizoid shit which is stuffed in the end of side B actually sucked me in… there’s this jingle which could be easily taken from some sort of old horror movie, set in a moldy, rotting circus with splintered rides and tattered faded tents, this demo comes as varied as you can imagine, and very very gloomy. Sometimes it borders on noise, sometimes in almost unnerving Italian pseudo poetry… but the whole stuff is a tapestry which actually makes some sense. Some disturbing sense, the sense of something you can only scratch on the surface but can never see in only one way. It cones out of a computer, but the sound is luckily human, not some sort of synthetic garbage. It’s the kind of music I need sometimes after scores and scores of blinding savagery. Not too much of course eheh…

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