AURORA BOREALIS (USA/Md): “Northern Lights” Cd 2000 Nightsky


The man flaw I find in this band is that they’re basically nothing,
like our saying goes, neither meat nor fish, neither a thrash
metal band neither black metal. While I know there’s this recurring
obsession with glossy magazines and pretentious know-it-all in
the genre which find it amazing anything that cannob be easily
catalogued, this is clearly one of the times when a band is sufficiently
technical to gain attention, have a really intense network of
trade/publicity yet don’t seem to glue on me with catchiness.
Maybe it’s the drum machine but I don’t think it’s the only thing
which makes the thing so plain. AURORA BOREALIS is a two piece
band, they play not-so-convincing modern thrash metal here, not
so convincing but higher qualitatively scandinavian black metal
there. I won’t rate this as disastrous, but more of a “good
but they have no identity” classification. Already at their
second full lenght, it’s not surprising they got a contract this
fast, as they handle song structures decently, but I think I will
better sit and wait how the thing evolves like.

Vote: 5

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