AVULSED (Spa): “Cybergore” Cd 1998 Repulse


I would ask some real DJ what they find of techno in this CD. In my opinion, AVULSED should give up to experiment, they simply don’t have the taste nor the

right ability to experiment. Period. Actually they could be quite a respectable Death Gore band if they left this experiments alone. But they seem to always

try to do something different and then , this whole CD is based on some Techno/Death attempt. What I hear is just some basic electronics added to Death Metal

music, which isn’t much more entertaining than mixing folk and Grindcore. I remember two good attempt at doing this unlikely mix by BRUTAL TRUTH (“Perpetual

Conversion” anyone remembers?) or the first (repeat: first) FEAR FACTORY album. Well that was a funny attempt, succeeded in creating something different and

in both cases it was something l8imited to a handful of songs. Doing a whole CD on this topic is already a bit pretentious (and useless) by itself, but the

vocals are so guttural I don’t really find the link for the rest of the music. Two genres, totally separated, in the same song, without any connection.

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