AVULSED (Spa): “Strabwound Orgasm” CD 1999 Repulse


Sometimes I have the impression that so many fanzines like to interview and talk good words about AVULSED just because they want to get in good terms with

the label Repulse for free promos and stuff. Not that I detest them, I have lot of respect for them for their long time involvement into this music if not

for anything else. Actually this album is rather different from their debut “Eminence in Putrescence” (in my humble opinion far more interesting item anyway)

for sure. Its less dark in approach and in some way, more of a standard Death Metal release… they have clumsily tried to encapsulate some melodic

parts…the song “Compulsive Hater” could well be some song from DOMINUS or IN FLAMES which is not what I deem completely positive. But the straight Death

Metal songs are OK. Well, when I think of this band I have the feeling that they’re just trying to experiment and divert from their path without having

developed the necessary skills to do it with sense. Just if they sit down and they say: “now we do a melodic song like this” and they put on some new school

Swedish kid band in the tape deck. Then they say “now let’s make a electronic mix like FEAR FACTORY” and they make up another song. Hell, originality is

welcome, but only when it’s honest and done with the heart. Which sincerely doesn’t seem the case. Some glimpse of the old AVULSED can be heard like in the

beginning of “Exorcismo Vaginal” but its buried beneath lot of hypocrisy. My two pennies worth.

Vote: 5.2

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