AWKWARD (Ita): “Outburst of Violence” Cdr 1999 s/p [demo]


AWKWARD has been my second real band. I never
managed to build up a Gore or Death Metal band but in the end
we came together and made the first AWKWARD demo, in 1994. At
first my idea was to make it as much thash/core as possible, in
the vein of CRUMBSUCKERS / CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER for instance, but
as we developed and the line up changed completely, we ended up
much more modern in style, kinda new SLAYER meet KONKHRA or something.
I won’t rate my own band of course but here is an excerpt you
can listen at. It has nothing to do with this webzine nor with
Goregrind or Grindcore, but I think it’s darn violent anyway.

Vote: 6.5

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