BASTARD SAINTS (Ita): “Ropes Above an Abyss of Fury” split Cd 2001 The Flood


I’m proud to announce that Italian brutal scene is still alive and now it seems to live an excellent period : some underground bands ( and not only ) ,which have nothing to envy to the most famous coming from overseas . I’ve just received this promo MCD directly from Dahmer ( Bastard Saints vocalist ) and as he said it should be the first release coming from “The Flood rec.” a lebel born from the ashes of mighty “Headfucker rec.” The lenght time is equally divided, and both bands present 2 new songs . The first side hilights Bastard Saints total hydro chaos ! They’ve improved their skills , and now they’ve also a better production , so we can clearly listen every single instruments . Drum is faster than their previous release , guitar has a different sound but the original harmonized parts are always the same ( probably ” Zio” refers above all to Colo-grind-style ) ; the bass is more listenable here and there . Besides Dahmer do an incredible obsessive job on vocals squeaking and growling constantly ( you must see them on-stage : a really impressive emotionally involving tornado ) . Undoubtely their best release until now , so if the evolution goes-on , what we should expect in near future ?

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