BEHEMOTH (Pol): “Thelema.6” Cd 2000 Avantgarde


At this point, the label Black Metal stands very narrow to BEHEMOTH. Indeed they have a very personal style in weaving a music that could be easily be considered in the Death Metal family somewhat and nobody would curl a lip. Flawless production and brilliant design definitely stimulate interest in a CD which is definitely steeled in every spot. It lacks some of the savagery of “Pandemonic Incantations” but more space is given to parts which are definitely particular to the band, in a way evocative yet clear cut and sharp. An interesting spot is the explanation of every lyric in the booklet, and a very crystal clear sound (hell, somebody would call it too clean in a way but fact is, this is one of the few bands which doesn’t lose intensity with the perfectioning of the production). Weird stuff which evolves continuously to new directions.

Vote: 6.9

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