BENšMB (USA/Ca) “Withering Strands of Hope” Cd 2000 Relapse


All but four of the 32 tracks are below one minute in length, mostly just 20 or 30 seconds, the songs are substantially sociopoliticaly correct and involved in the theme against addiction, the inner sleeve of the CD contains a phrase about the band’s experiences on this topic, the loss of friends to this plague, and the whole lyricsheet follows the “concept”. Musically, BENUMB is a fast hard core/grind band, with cremed vocals which still maintain the resemblance of humanity like the genre demands, yet enjoying the blessing of Relapse package and the usual top-level production. Songs are straight to the point, guitar structures simple yet powerful. I honestly don’t like the new-school hard-core use of slow, crunching riffs with those unnerving half-tragic half-weeping desperate cries. I have seen some concerts of these new breed of HC bands and when they fall in that masquerade they really get annoying, although, yeah, the fast part are neat and direct. This is one of those records which should satisfy both long-hairs that can stand the crying-vocals and baseball caps that can stand the grunts in track “Flesh to the Flesh” eheh. Alright. Good neo-grind, is this what they call “power violence”? Nay, I refuse that term, too stupid.

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