BIRDFLESH (Swe): “Misery of the Defenceless” split 7″ Ep with CARCASS GRINDER (Jap) 1999 Underground Warder


BIRFLESH have class. They succeed in standing out of the whole panorama of grind death band with a definitely particular and thoroughly enjoyable between TERRORIZER and a plethora of demented sounds. The inside of this 7″ shows the band raping a lad on a wheelchair, add to that lyrics that are thoroughly brainless (and darn cool for a laugh, i.e. “when I should fix my hair I found no head”, “I ride on my bike with my sword on my back”). Despite the light hearted lyrical and figurative approach the music is a fucking discharge of old grind core and old school Death Metal performed with e very personal feel with a dense, crude, sound which sometimes bring me back to a time where Swedish Death Metal used to be like that. They have indeed a definite retro taste which I dig to the very bone.
Bridflesh: c/o Magnus Roos, Lunden Krakenasryd, S-355 92 Vaxjo, Sweden

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