BLASPHEMY (Can): “Fallen Angel of Doom” Cd 1990 Wild Rags!


For those who proclaim ’emselves cultors of Black Metal music and don’t own this disc, I feel compassion. This is probably the most important and definitive Black Metal release EVER. I couldn’t resist the thrill to review it… it’s like reviewing NAPALM DEATH’s “From Enslavement to Obliteration” for a grinder. This is Black Metal the like that send shivers upon my skin at every second… anyway I want to make one step back, this is actually NOT Black Metal the way those homosexual Norwegian called it in the 90’s, much more like some sort of incredibly dirrty, filthy, bastard, chilling, horrific Death Metal which has all the breath taking intensity and Satanic terror you can dream of. The eerie claustrophobic atmosphere which emanates from this milestone is only comparable to BEHERIT’s “Oath of the Black Blood” (hence they’re so frequently paired), although BLAPSPHEMY probably had a fuller and more structured sound. The production is so fucking filthy yet so supremely perfect fitting, the riffs ultrafucking fast, adorned with sick intricate solos and bestial vocals which have all of Demonic and Unholy, sometimes crossing and hailing invocation of the most blasphemous sort. Lyrics are ultimate, music is ultimate. This is THE Black Metal release, forget about Dark Throne and (new) Mayhem.

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