BLOOD (Ger): “Depraved Goddess” Cd 1996 s/p

BLOOD (Ger):

One of the things that strike
most of BLOOD is that they’ve been playing for 15 years and have recorded
dozens of releases and fuck, they never wrote a bad song in all this
time. It’s pretty unlikely to find such integrity and non-stop dedication
to this music and bands that are able to be this prolific without passing
bad periods. But here it is, another full length CD and surprisingly,
self produced as well. Top notch production, full bodied vocals and
a barrage of intense, slamming riffs makes this new BLOOD release on
par with their previous works. Their Death Metal crushes any OBSCENITY
and American-like slam Death band to pulp, songs might not be overly
complex but are really heavy, and basically devastating. Clausi’s vocals
are sometimes paired with some strangled high screams in the old NAPALM
DEATH/BRUTAL TRUTH way though not that rasping and not that often. Lyrics
are generally violent and straight and in the main against Christianity
and religion (which also explains the crucified rat on the cover and
the anti-catholic drawing on the jewel case) in general, in a way an
opus against these child brain organizations. Fuck Christ.

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