BOTCH (USA/Wa): “We Are the Romans”” Cd 1999 Relapse/Hyrdra Head


This is the second official BOTCH release, and well, it can’t really be catalogued as either Death Metal nor Hard Core (they would probably curl backward in disgust at these comparisons eheh), but let’s say belong to a new breed of bands which Relapse started to push some years ago, more on the NY shorthair style you know what I mean, SOILENT GREEN and stuff, New School Hard Core with some experimental degenerations. As a starting point, this is highly nervous, wily, post modern stuff which makes my mind fly back to HUMAN REMAINS at times, in their vocal/structural approach, although a bit less completely schizophrenic. The songs have a medium though not clearly identifiable pace, crammed full with these guitar twists and HC vocals. The lyrics and artwork follows the modernly artistical/figurative approach, not always clear but in tune with the music. Might be interesting to give some thoughts to the lyrics actually, yet I have no time, I prefere childish Splatter/Pathological subjects… oh at least they do not talk about pot and marijuana AHR AHR.

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