BRUTALITY REIGNS SUPREME (Hol): “Back From the Dead” Cd 2000 Bloodbath


The CD starts with a chainsaw! Ah ah.. good start… BRUTALITY REIGNS SUPREME plays heavily harmonized Gore/Girnd with the characteristic sound of a drum machine to back up the short, straight to the point tracks. 26 tracks in 25 minutes says it all I think. They’re savagely brutal, uncontrolled, down tuned and absolutely elementalistic in their approach to this music. The vocals are like a crazed roar which kicks and darts uncontrolled over 3/4 notes riffs… I think the message is pretty clear, we want it brutal, not nice. Everything is essential although almost too much one could object… basic, sturdy grind core with a grossly splatter armor, no nonsense, no bullshit, only straight ahead muzak. And one half SOD cover eheh.. They’re lovely aren’t they?

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