CANNIBAL CORPSE (USA/Ny): “Skull Full of Maggots” tape 1989 s/p [demo]


The demo that got CANNIBAL CORPSE engaged with Metal Blade, according to the label owner, the band was signed right after he listened to the title track ahah. Actually the band was formed from the ashes of two other bands from Buffalo, TYRANT SIN and BEYOND DEATH (of course all of you knew this info already). Chris “the Sink” Barnes vocals at the time were rather different, I think you can get an idea listening to “Eaten Back to Life” and “Butchered at Birth” in a row and then trying to make one step back. Actually the vocals remind very, very much those of Max Cavalera in “Beneath the Remains”, although the vocals follow a pattern which is made of very short sentences and try to strip every humanity and tone. Basically, all of the songs herein contained were later enclosed in “Eaten Back to Life” with little or no variation except for a better production (even the pace is basically the same, just the vocals got deeper). I think the song which starts out in the most different way is “Bloody Chunks”, which begins with a rather confused gore twist. The Demo came out in a professional blank tape and a slightly azured carboard cover, with the old logo cheaply printed (the pixels are rather big, as if it was printed with an old dot matrix printer), and song names handwritten.

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