CATASEXUAL URGE MOTIVATION “The Encyclopedia of Serial Murders” Cd 2000 Razorback


To compare this band to MORTICIAN would be too easy just because
they use a drum machine, but then not completely inappropriate.
While definitely more MORTICIAN than GORE BEYOND NECROPSY, due
to their strictly horror nature and lower than low distorsion,
this band steps out of the typical drum machine-gore grind with
an approach so suffocating you feel like oppressed by some unavoidable
destiny until you get the CD out of the deck. What I love more
in this CD is when the goregrind barrage of guttural riff and
blasting drumbeats stops and shift immediately into slow, anxiety
laden moments of pure doom, which only bands of great class such
as INCANTATION are able to architect. Yet the inhumanity of the
drum machine helps stretching a veil of different malignancy below
it all which is even different from McEntee’s band: serpentine,
immensely evil vocals with a sort of echo which reminds some humid
cave dripping with cold moisture… it’s this sensation of
close, breath taking unavoidability which makes this album beyond,
say, LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY or other straight Gore bands. The heavy
breaths, the claustrophobic hissing in the background, the voices
screeching all around, the rasping inhalations like some murderer
in gas masks amplifies the already black texture of this disc.
Good yet rather simple layout made by Leon of IMPALED get this
second printing of the disc (first one on Deliria was released
somewhere in ’96 but this time I’ll rate the disc as if it’s not
a reissue, I bet it’s too difficult to get the original right
now) to unnamed peaks of bestial perversity. You already know
they’ve now changed name to VAMPIRIC MOTIVES so I won’t repeat
it here. Eh.

Vote: 9.9

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