CENTURIAN (Hol): “Choronzonic Chaos Gods” Cd 1999 Full Moon


There are several reasons that make
me state that CENTURIAN is the best of European bands to this
day. They just have the right feeling in everything they do. Their
music is utterly blasphemous, fast, fiercely demonic Brutal Death
Metal the like I haven’t heard for ages. They play as if they
want to wash away the modern trend of performing soft and clean
with fire and cruelty of unadulterated intensity. And they fucking
succeed in it. Yet you can’t really compare them to any other
Death Metal band, if not for a scene-level association. KRISIUN,
old DEICIDE, BELPHEGOR, all wrapped up tight in a projectile of
unreservedly violent Death Metal, make this band stand on par
Just like KRISIUN, this band never seem to stop its escalation
towards the most perverse corners of the Death Metal universe,
just like KRISIUN, they do not care for melody to be pleasing
for a broader crowd. And for those who think Satanist lyrics are
chattels for Black Metal outfits only, I suggest to check out
CENTURIAN’s. CENTURIAN is ultimate, one of the best bands EVER
and I can’t stop to brag how completely pitiless they are. Hyperfast
drumming, cruel vocals (although both vocalist and bass player
have left the band for SEVERE TORTURE, and I can’t yet tell how
good the new singer is), great demoniac lyrics, and an artwork
painted with the blood from the guitar player’s perverse mind,
make up this CD a masterpiece, impossible to ignore. To me, a
classic already.

Vote: 9.5

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