CLOTTED SYMMETRIC SEXUAL ORGAN (Jap): “Are you excrements?” Cd 2001 Morbid


Convulse, heavily rock grind, absolutely original on a purely compositional basis, although not very interesting for my tastes. Some of the songs seem like Jimi Hendrix or some high on acid band from the 60’s/70’s which have some burst of grinding viciousness. If somebody find interesting to hear those old rock guitar digressions with lots of multi-effected stretches, twists and heavily into amphetamine atmospheres, this might be interesting, especially if you are into smoking shit and stuff, thing I personally couldn’t care less for. That’s it, I don’t need this fucking trippy stuff at all. Although it has very personal attractiveness and some might find it worship material for sure, I am not one of those. It stings my nerves just like that old rock’n’roll did. Useless.

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