COERCION (Swe): “Delete” Cd 1998 Perverted Taste


I think this album is rather
OK. The guitar sound is undoubtedly Swedish, the riffs a bit too
much clear cut for my tates but all in all not bad. The vocals
remind me of old UNLEASHED as they’re more of the throaty guttural
kind, the music is a bit saturated by fast, almost grinding parts
(not exactly grind, more of fastest, controlled blasts of MALEVOLENT
CREATION), although much like INFESTDEAD, it sounds a bit too
much “planned”, the music is OK but needs a bit more
inspiration, a bit more of sheer rage, really the music have the
feel of being oplayed by skilled, veteran musicians maybe, but
comes out lacking of some genuine energy, which sadly makes the
whole a bit anonymous (there are not lots of Swedish bands with
this good tuned guitars, but definitely too many which lacks earlier
band’s filthiness). Double bass drumblasts abound, and the sound
is impeccable (recorded at the Soundlabs, ex NASUM member’s recording
studio), what should I say exactly, I think it’s a bit too “scholastic”
as a arelease, But there is nothing really expecially bad in this
product. Death Metal with Swedish roots but neither lodes nor
infamy. The package is absolutely mediocre, starting with the
cover rip-off of MY DYING BRIDE’s amazing McKean’s works.

Vote: 6.8

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