COFFIN TEXTS (USA/Ca): “Gods of Creation, Death and Afterlife” Cd 2000 Dwell


Absolutely exquisite, very high level Death metal with vocals that remind me a bit of IMMOLATION, old DEATH or CREMATORIUM. There’s something evil lurking beneath the eerie music of COFFIN TETXS which clearly reclaim the feel you had in your bones when listening to “Dawn of Possession” the time it came out in the shelves. The Malign itself crawls up the chords of “Ethereal Conjuration” or Crypts of Eternity” and pervade the whole CD length. The songs are structured in e definitely brilliant, complex way, all the time heavily delving into old school Death Metal that is where this band come from (yes, they’ve been luring in the background for more than you think). What I find more enthusiastic about this CD, is this old school feeling I get from start to ending notes. It really has all the right fundamentals to be a CD released 10 years ago or more, it smells like an old crumbling fanzine, it slithers like a snake winding through ancient stone crypts. The tuning of the instruments is obscure and heavy and the vocals absolutely unearthly. Damn, this album is GREAT.

Vote: 9

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