CONSOLATION (Hol): “Stahlplaat” Cd 1998 Displeased


Of Grindcore, they have nothing. This foreword to confute band’s claim to play intense grind/death. The album lyrics are interconnected to create a single, concept release which unveil the story of a sort of Wizard of Oz gang which is set out to destroy human life. The gang gets killed by cops but live on as immortals or something like that. Actually the music is good. Intense, varied and often moving through the realms of different genres with invisible steps, back and forth to black and death to some low class melodic traits. Sometimes the band actually reach the fast, gut wrenching acceleration of good class Death Metal, although they just lack of some soul. Quite unlike any bands I know yet very like to all of them, CONSOLATION is a band which I should write down in my list or I’ll forget it quite soon.

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