DEAD (Ger): “V.I.P.” Cd 1998 Poserslaughter

DEAD (Ger):

Absolutely brilliant, DEAD is definitely my favourite German band, at least it was as this CD is their swansong before splitting up. So sick, slow and

disgusting in every corner you might eye it, one can’t but bow to such genuine repulsive filth. The guitars in the first track whine and twirl around a out

of the field vocals which depicts some sort of venereal disease. The rest of the disc portraits dedicated, pristine gore music much in the vein of old

IMPETIGO, ABSCESS or GUT. The band swanks its very peculiar kind of classy vulgarity which is the standpoint for the greatest of Death Gore bands such as

the absolute masters, AUTOPSY. Not for everybody, one has to be mentally deviated to like DEAD, or somewhat in tune with this music which is the quintessence

of bad taste, well you can guess this from the very cover which shows a whore dressed like it was pulled out of the Clockwork Orange sitting legs spread on a

transparent armchair. Lots of spoken vocal interludes plunge in and out this embodiment of perversity. Absolute masterpiece.

Vote: 9

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