DEADHEAD (Hol): “Dream Deceiver” Cd 1993 Bad Taste


DEADHEAD is a good Thrash/Death Metal band from Holland which play good, sincere music the like it was played when Death was at the beginning, the differneces with thash metal were more blurred, and the overall scene more sincere. I do rarely dig thrash/death metal, especially becouse it usually means “weak Death Metal” in modern termns ah ah.. Actually I haven’t heard neither the newest or the first albums (this is the second one, in fact), but this is pretty much stuff I used to tape trade when I first got into the genre, you can take the best of old MORGOTH as a comparison of Death of good quality. This is by no means the same as, say NEMBRIONIC, which while OK, desn’t stir much the beast in me eheh, it’s more of old DEATH, PROTECTOR, SADUS. DISINCARNATE or the more recent DEMENTED TED, with the clear cut guitars, throaty yet comprehensible vocals, cryptic lyrics and stuff. Good shit all in all although more for thrashers then grinders. Actually this is what other bands like MOSHQUITO prethend to play with no success.

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