DEPRECATED (USA/Ca): “Deriding His Creation” MCd 1998 Headfucker


DEPRECATED from San Diego
has been one of the last bands released and promoted from our
countrymates of sadly departed Heafucker records. Far from their
Grind Core habits, DEPRECATED play superior, steel reinforced
guttural Brutal Death Metal of the finest American sort, the sort
which doesn’t just hip-hops and pound boringly for hours. The
sheer intensity and crushing heaviness of the music can be deservingly
be paierd with that of bands such as SKINLESS or DISGORGE, to
remain in the same city, anyway I think I prefere DEPRECATED better
than DISGORGE. Not only the sound of this CD is among the most
brilliant ones I have heard for the genre, very very crystalline
without being too synthetical, it is just plain BROOTAL with capital
letters. This is the kind of sheer brutality most American bands
fails to reach… the vocals are the lower than low kind, and
get the deserved relief from the whole mush, drums blasts are
clear cut, the sound of the cymbals so crisp… really amazing
production… all in all, a great mind blowing Death Metal disc
which has the only weak spot of being too short. Lyrically their
apocalyptic yet filthy urban style of writing remind me much of
SUFFOCATION, good shit to bring at parties ahr ahr.

Vote: 9

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