DIMMU BORGIR (Nor): “Devil’s Path” split Cd with OLD MAN’S CHILD (Nor) 1999 Hammeheart


Talking with all my honesty, to say that this CD is bad wouldn’t be fair. Because to my ears this could not even be considered a CD. It’s a piece of plastic with some publicity inside. They inspire me just like a brochure from some furniture market. I don’t really know where they want to go with this music. Probably pocketing cash from brainless idiots. The only words I can hear when I hear the keyboards is “money”. Despite this, I can’t hate them like I hate CRADLE OF FILTH. These bands are not responsible for the complete wimping out affair of the so called “Black Metal” scene. They’re just effects, not the cause. Therefore I cant but feel complete pity for them. They’re utterly miserable creatures. Probably they have one of those professional contracts, record in million dollars studios and stuff. Yet they are just pitiful. The vocals are a mockery of woman shrills, the music falls into pop rock riff here and there amidst a cauldron of easy listening keyboard effects. As a friend of mine told me, DIMMU BORGIR was nominated for the Norwegian Music Award, which means they have even escalated to success. Unbelievable… and the way they dress? I mean how can you take seriously a band that looks like this? Not that looks are everything in this music. But there are limits to the bad taste even for me… how absolutely pretentious…

Vote: 2.8

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