DISGORGE (Mex) “Chronic Corpora Infest” Cd 1998 American Line


Almost all of the tracks begin
with an intro from some Splatter/Gore movie… in particular the
one that precedes “Haemorph endarteriectomized punzed ezoinophille”
was also used by IMPETIGO in Horror of the Zombies, before the
song “Defiling the Grave”. All of them, however have
a thrilling, breath taking, eerie atmosphere which introduces
with fitting tension all of the songs. I have not read anything about this, but
the last 3 songs sound like unmastered or live, as the soun d
gets more muddy… there’s nowehere a note about this in the CD
so I assume it’s a sort of bonus thing….

Vote: 9.6

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