DISGORGE (Mex): “Forensick” Cd 2000 Repulse


DISGORGE is the most
incredible thing that has happened in Gore Grind in the last couple
o’ years… their artwork is ever so disgusting and drenched in
surgical waste it’s almost beyond words. Where other bands stop
for decency, DSGORGE begin, in every aspect, This time they have
a fetus ripped out of a mother’r cunt, with broken bones and ripped
flesh (it’s a wax sculpture anyway). The drumming is relentless,
precise and blasting, it really gets unbelievably fast when grinding
through hyperblast speeds… like a buzzsaw through a living chest.
The songs are an impossibily intricate, contorted versions of
“Symphonies of Sickness” era CARCASS, yet even more
heavy, if possible at all, with double vocals (the second one
has a whispery, malign feel which adds a terribly dark mood throughout
the songs) . The vocals have the phlegmy/gargling tune which suits
this kind of pathological “upheaval of human entrails”
like a latex glove. Sometimes they could be paralled to the latest
REGURGITATE although the imagery is only one: GORE, and Gore beyond
anything else I have seen so far. Compared to their previous album,
the songs have gained a more definite structure, but the cleaner
sound just adds impact and brutality to the music, as you can
clearly isolate every instrument and follow this tornado of meat
and studded steel. George of CANNIBAL CORPSE makes his appearance
in “Crevice flux warts” which starts with some sort
of medieval intro. Brilliant, dammit, brilliant.One last thing:
alive, they’re an unique siight, don’t miss them if you get the
chance, they’re one of the ten best active band around to this
day bot musically and attitudinally.

Vote: 9.4

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