DISINTER (USA/Il): “Welcome to Oblivion” Cd 2000 Morbid


Reissue of a Deadsun classic, DISINTER are a fast Thrash/Death Metal band with low grating vocals and a very classic mindset in arranging the songs. Pretty various with a slight taste of “retro” sonorities (well yes, after over ten years of existence, Death Metal has its stages and it’s eras). Actually honest and pretty professional, it is Death Metal with no lode or infamy. I couldn’t state a band which might be associated with DISINTER in sonorities, because most of the big names have a particular sound while DISINTER is just Death Metal, maybe not ultra-tight nor viciously perverse, but Death Metal without any contaminations. I gladly noticed there are no declaredly slow parts at all, mostly keeping the songs to unrelenting riff releases and constant drumming with downtuned vocals, although again, nothing overly extreme.

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