DISMEMBER (Swe): “Reborn in Blasphemy” tape 1990 s/p [demo]


This is THE DISMEMBER which made me wrap in leather, cover
in blood and headbang till death. The sound in this demo
is possibli the most rotting, bastard, deathish the band
ever had, except maybe for “Pieces”. No matter
how you see it, this demo is forcefully one of the best
demos ever recorded, if not the best Swedish death demo.
It has one step more speed and sheer energy than the debut
Lp, although the songs “Sickening Art” and “Dismembered”
are bubstantially identical, the sound is darker and the
vocals deeper, and the sick solos replaced by more straightforward
casual notes (eheh) and some effects likethe kayboards
in “Sickening Art” replaced by a short whining
“Defective Decay”, their watermark, is for the
scond time here, this time blessed by Matti’s outsanding
roars, some higher than the should be bass slaps, and
not a single veil of harmonizer as in the recent recordings.
The sludgy, rasping guitar sounds are vaguely GRAVEish
in impact and straight in your face force, but are characterized
by some absolutely DISMEMBER rhytmical, loose twists that
make ’em perfect for headbanging and acts of random vandalism.
This demo IS the demo you should hear. By the way, I have
seen some other copies later made by Nuclear Blast I suppose,
which actually had a light blue print on the tape and
on the cover. I haven’t heard them but I assume they’re
the same. This demo came in a blank tape and contained
Matti’s address (bid for it ehehe). At the time, I remember,
Nuclear Blast was publicizing it in their xeroxed, 4 sheet
catalogs (distant times uh?).

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