DIVINE EMPIRE (USA/Fl): “Redemption” CD 1998 Serious Entertainment


I first put on this CD before reading the biography and the resemblance to MALEVOLENT CREATION was evident in my ears in a flash, so blatant I almost had d‚j… vu when listening to the tracks. Up to here, things might seem quite OK, to imitate a good band is better than experimenting something meaningless. Unfortunately, contrarily to the first MALEVOLENT clones, SILENT DEATH, the band that they so diligently recall the imprints is the MALEVOLENT CREATION of their dark moments, when they had the bass player on vocals, and they don’t even do that this well if you want my opinion. Actually the mystery unveiled when I realized it was a band made up of the garbage of MALEVOLENT, among which their mediocre temporary singer. Not this bad by itself, when compared to other abominations in this issue, although they very rarely keep the music to decent levels of interest. A good track is Silent Carnage, the 6th in the CD, which have some sort of extra petrol, although barely enough for the 46 minutes of length.

Vote: 6.9

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