DOMINUS (Dnk): “The First 9” Cd 1996 Diehard


This is what some call Death’n’Roll, in particular the guys at the label that published this release. A sort of evolution of the ENTOMBED at the period of that obscene piece of crap that was “Wolverine Blues”, with influences mainly from KONKHRA and ILLDISPOSED both Danes for some reason. Contrarily to ILLDISPOSED, they have no criteria I think, in dosing the swinging mosh to an instrument to add sharpness to their music, just overcharging it with doses of easily assimilated though not melodic parts. Not the worse of the bands I have so far but neither much interesting as well. I consider them “decent” even though this kind of music has not my complete sympathy. One more complain is this albums grow a bit similar after just 3 songs, falling into boredom pretty soon.

Vote: 5.8

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