ENGORGED (USA/Or): “Death metal Attack 2” Cd 1999 Razorback


That ENGORGED have their own clear cut identity is undeniable
(ahah, I am laughing already). All of the concepts and much of
the lyric content basically centers around the G.I.Joe action
figures, I was a pretty interested in that stuff when I was a
kid … even the inner sleeve features a cobra (which is the symbol
of an enemy organization opposed to the velorous G.I.Joes). Coming
from the rather obscure Oregon, ENGORGED are at the same time
great to listen becouse they’re rather simple in their approach,
grinding and fast, but at the same time rather difficult to accurately
and smoothly square in a box. The screams and the guitar frenzies
have a deal more of savagery than a good percentile of the other
ASSUCK/NASUM-related grindies, so much that sometimes the two
(vocals and instrument areas) seem to get out of synchrony becouse
they are both so fucking pissed off about everything they would
just like to spontaneously scream their anger instead of merely
“singing a fast song”. This anger that gets out of control
helps the music stay on a genuine level, free of useless technical
evolutions or so called professionality. Anyway don’t get me wrong,
this isn’t a bunch of drunkyards spitting their throats out in
a mush of senseless noise either. There are intros dotting the
tracks, from sample zombie movies to rebellious firefights ( I
remember having seen a movie regarding the XYY triad when I was
a kid), and the tracks sometimes slide down of tune to a more
gore/grind madness, yet maintaining that savory anarchist energy
of bands like DISMEMBERED FETUS, UNDERTAKER and the like. One
point that make all this negativity clear is the frenzied use
of alternate vocals, which sometimes reach peaks of almost punkish,
uneffected, shouting. I especially like their humorous disregard
against serious sociopoliticized topics, such as in their brilliant
“In Support of Multinational Corporations”. Even labels
seem to stick small to ENGORGED. Some of the guitar solos sound
almost hard rock, some vocal patterns almost old school Hard Core,
sometimes they get grunting and abrasive like old MASTER… All
in all, and yet sometimes the riffs accelerate to combine into
(i’d dare) thrash metal a la EXODUS/PILEDRIVER/older RAZOR…
ENGORGED don’t give a fuck, play as fast and chaotic as their
cock want, enjoy themselves, and package for us a brillaint brand
of refreshing grind/hardcore/thrash/goregrind stuff.

Vote: 8.8

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