E’SCHIATTAMUORT (Ita): “Carne da Macello” Cdr 2000 s/p


Taking it by the name only (which is a very strict curse in our
southern dialect) I would have bet that this was a joke band.
Well if it is, they’re a damn good joke band, or better yet, a
damn serious one. The cover artwork and layout, while exquisitely
home-packed is good, and actually the scene depicted on the cover
can easily be brought back from the past century, a centuries,
a time of disease, rot and violence. At the time, 99% of the Italian
population spoke only strict dialects so, you can view it as less
funny as it really could seem (that however leaves the dilemma:
why the song titles are english then? Oh well, I have to resign
my good intentions and assume this IS a joke band). Substantially,
I cannot say they’re, aehm, brutal or Death in a strict sense,
although, well, if you can call APATOR or BEHERIT extreme and
obscure, well, the shrieking shrills and the absolutely fuzzy
sound makes the CD difficult to bear on the long run, much more
of the first band above (for you who don’t remember APATOR, it
was a one man project, very very crazy, and very very pervert,
we could call him “experimental” today). Likewise, this
band opts for a drum-machine to backbone the whole. many of the
vocals remind more Mickey Mouse than a DM singer, but the thoroughly
septic, incoherent chaos that derives, is not completely out of
my tastes. Sometimes the vocals seem strangeld or even some sort
of insect buzz, I think it could be named broadly grind/noise
but with the drum-machine mechanical imprint and some veguely
greek/finnish madness. Uff. Difficult to rate. All in all not
bad, but you need stomach.

Vote: 7

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