EVERGREY (Swe): “Solitude, Dominance, Tragedy” Cd 1999 Hall of Sermon


(I am laughing). It’s an hysterical laugh. I am halfway from totally depressed and entertained. Whatever, I am pretty happy when I manage to review this kind of bands (from the mere name of this band “Ever Grey” AHAH), because even before the first song ends, I already know what to write. Starting with a ridicule cover artwork, an ostentatious title, horrible whining vocals a la IRON MAIDEN, basic 2 riff guitar feats (which no doubt they play with feeling and with an extremely macho attitude on stage), useless keyboards and choirs stuff. When I think of Metal I can’t wash away the thought of bands like this. That’s why I want to avoid it when possible. Ah of course the band is very technical. Which means they’re good right? AHAH. I am breaking this disk as soon as it gets out of my player…ah the sound of the plastic cracking in two!!!

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