EXHUMED (USA/Ca): “Gore Metal” Cd 1998 Relapse


I would like to come up with some striking. memorable words to introduce an album like this, becouse this is one very great fucking classic for years to come… while still delicious, EXHUMED have lost some of that slimy, vaguely nauseating coat with the latest “Slaughtercult”, forgiving some groove and ravaging catchiness for more chaos, destruction and sheer splatter crude metal… While the choice is absolutely sharable and encomiable, I must admit this first album had a particular dimension which really swallowed me in in a burst, I have been spinning this Cd for weeks since I got it (before this I only had the “Horrific Expulsion of Gore” demo and the HEMDALE split Cd IIRC), it’s really incredible the amount of flowing groove that follow this Cd, I have never headbanged this hard like with “Gore Metal”, and fuck it, I had my neck stiff for days ahr ahr… does it happen often that you cite Death Metal songs with your friends growling the lyrics in their ears? I couln’t shrug “Open the Abscess” out of my brain until I got completely saturated… What is this magic? I’d dare “this is the CARCASS of Symphonies of Sickness revived, with all the groove and flow of the best thrash metal of the 80’s…” and mind ye, I am not one to use the term Metal as a compliment often, but this Cd was incredible… The thick body of the backing growls, the medically sweet solos and notes that precede songs like “Postmortem Procedures” or “Vagitarian” have the UNIQUE feel that only CARCASS pre-wimping could express, and I honestly though nobody could have inherited them, especially in year 1998. What is more that make this Cd unique and not just a soulless clone? You better listen to this before asking, words would not be fair: blood, gore, guts flowing like beer in a viking feast, with a touch that have something magic, black humour and studs, leather and bones… Was the term Gore Metal intentionally created to define a new genre? Becouse I really believe this disc stands aside as a single entity, the GENIUS behind this Cd is out of question, it’s like hearing the heaviness of REGURGITATE enhanced by the best groovy riffs you can think. M A S T E R P I E C E!!! And for those who lost their POSSESSED cover in the previous split on Visceral, here is one SODOM for you.

Vote: 9.5

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