EXHUMED (USA/Ca): “Recordings 2000″ split 7” Ep with SANITY’S DAWN (Ger) 2000 Deadly Art


Flowing, metallic Gore Metal like nobody is able to play, an absolutely early (real) CARCASS backbone, and a fucking huge personality brings EXHUMED to the pathological Heavens or splatter and horror. Their music is not gloomy or athmospheric horror, its not the terror when you realize all your family members have been dismembered everywhere the second you turn up the lights of you living room, EXHUMED are the axe, the bones that crunh under an heavy blade that cleaves through flesh. Anyway, in the layer that stands between the skin of Goregrind and the frame of insects and putrid slash horror, there stands a thick film of catchiness, the music flows in a entirely non repetitive way…maybe my eras are insensible due to hours of sonic torment (hint hint) but EXHUMED are incredibly beguiling, one of the few bands that keep so much harmony in the whole structure of the songs that you can’t grow bored or you can even find yourself humming after a single listen at work (I do at least). They DO copy much of the whole spirit from lots of pathological bands, BUT they keep their own style in a absolutely personal form. The songs in this seven severed finger disc is way closer to Gore Metal than Slaughtercult, with vocals that sometimes tune so low as early Steer grunts.

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