FAERGHAIL (Fin): “Horizon’s Fall” Cd 1999 Shiver


Have you ever heard the perfect combination between raw pure black
metal and melody? Well I haven’t and after having heard FAERGHAIL
the situation remains the same. The bio salivates litres of good
words over the band although it doesn’t scathe me even fairly.
This band plays shit. The vocals are weak, definitely immature,
there are interminable hours of acoustic guitar and keyboards
to create soundscapes of boredom and so fucking banal you can
anticipate every whisper and malignant grin minute by minute.
When the music gets fast, it reaches the absolute worst which
fortunately is not too often. This is the kind of music I basically
find unattractive but when they have to throw those shrieking
shrills, I find it definitely unbearable. What the fuck but trend
demands for those vocals in this atmospheric music? Clean vocals
would have been OK at least, but this is absolute nothingness.

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