FAUST (Ita): “…and Finally Faust!” MCd 1999 s/p [demo]

FAUST (Ita):

Talking openheartedly, this FAUST release is OK, good Death
Metal with lots of riffs, interesting arrangements and a frequent
use of latest Swedish melodies, mainly reminding some old DESULTORY
or WITHOUT GRIEF, not what I consider my cup of blood but deservingly
well played. Main error of pride I find about this band is that
they always tend to label themselves “Brutal Death Metal”
recurring in the same arrogant boast in which their rather worse
countrymates MIND SNARE also fall committing sin of overconfidence.
That doesn’t necessarily mean this band is not heavy, I personally
oftentimes tend to prefere good Death Metal to the modern crunchy
American-coated Brutal Death. FAUST in this demo CD consist only
of the frontman Filippo aka Aleister Demon, although a second
guitarist and a bass player (which is now in our unsurpassable
BASTARD SAINTS) executed their parts, their names was deleted
by Filippo and replaced by a mysterious “session” bass
and “session” guitar, that I wanted to clarify for correctness
towards the other two previous players. Main thing that can hurt
somebody who is not used to it, is FAUST’s abundant use of drum
machine, which blasts and incessantly churns beneath the musicwork,
very unnatural, synthetic and a bit too predominant maybe. Again,
all in all, this is very good death metal, the vocals are roaring,
the lyrics satanic and lusty, the sounds really of top-level,
could well be an official big release so much the sound engineering
is accurate, overlooking the horrible cover artwork (in the vein
of MORBID ANGEL’s D and F albums, that is, blatantly 3d graphics)
I consider FAUST in the upper half of the Death Metal bands in
Italy which actually might convince out of the Italian soil. Considering
also it’s substantially a demo, it’s really good.

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