FLESHLESS (Cze): “Grindgod” Cd 1999 Obscene


One of the turn-over points of this release is the running
time, over one hour, including one bonus remix track and the full
demo (titled “Grinding”). Their contnuous abuse of the
word “grind”might be deceptive somewhat, as the band
has really little to do with this genre, instead FLESHLESS is
a ultra-brutal Death Metal act, backboned by an unrelenting drum
machine and blessed by carnal, full bodied downtuned vocals of
the gloomiest, darkest sort. Far from being unilaterally fast
and grinding (although that would not be a problem for me at all
ahr ahr), the songs are quite varied and count various semi-melodic
bridges and solos, all the while keeping a fairly fast pace even
when it turns more “hearable”. The band has obviously
kept a particular attention in giving every song its own definite
identity, so much that sometimes remind me of the CANNIBAL CORPSE
of “Butchered at Birth” (especially for the vocal tone/pattern)
yet with the aforementioned melodical interludes. Anyway just
like Buffalo’s gods, this band is capable of unrelenting, crunching,
sludgly guttural parts as well as kick-ass brutishness, I have
just to reckon that sometimes the riffs just get a bit too much
in the chugga chugga stopped style so much it almost sound like
some sort of jingle, which combined with their melodies gives
the Cd a few bad turns…. which in their demo tracks were not
present, so they must be some sort of “innovation” which
my close mindedness don’t really understand eheh… The cover
artwork still continues the really original concept of Disney
like comic-book characters involved in filthy scenes of gore,
with delicious pastel greens and violets in shape of dismemberments
and defleshed skulls. Whatever this artist Lhota is, he has quite
some talent… its style is quite different from the more classical
cheap 80’s comic book hand of countrymates PURULENT SPERMCANAL.
One last notes probably should go to the very good MASTER’S HAMMER
cover (don’t ask me to look on my keyboard for those weird characters,
but THAT was a band, ah… )

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