FORCED TO DECAY (Ger): “Perkussive Perkolution” Cd 1999 Pavement


Semi-progressive, psychotic experimental hard core with some flangered gore-like vocals and out of the throat screams in the vein of AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED and LOCUST. I admit my narrow mindedness, this is a bit too progressive to my ears. While they have something that transport me to that lack of humanity of old VOIVOD, there’s always a sense of d‚j… vu when I meet up this variety of bands. Just visit a squat 4/5 times per month and I am sure as fuck you can hear this kind of bands over and over again. Desperate screams over harmonic slow…slooow riffs… going on forever, piercing your skull with monotony… sounds like a German band. Bet some of them have dreadlocks as well. Eheh.

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