GANDALF (Fin): “Deadly Fairytales” Cd 1999 Wicked World


Since I got the demotape from this band (with a very interesting
painting by Salvador Dalì on cover) I thought this band
had some talent to show. Fact is they definitely lost their shine.
They just jumped on the bandwagon of IN FLAMES half hard rock’nroll
half melodic death metal scene that LUBRICANT and AT THE GATES
had started. Of course, these new bands have deviated to bring
out the most easy listening elements discarding the interesting
twisted, fierce parts. Sometimes bands like IN AETERNUM or WATAIN
got the right spirit, sometimes they do not. GANDALF has nothing
that could convince me to rate ’em as a good band. Too much classic
slamming rock for my ears. Ah the producer behind this waste is
Andy Laroque from KING DIAMOND. Ask me if I care.

Vote: 5

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